Rated voltage

24V, 36V, 100V, 120V, 220/240V Dielectric strength 1500VAC/min
Power consumption <4W Noise <45db
Input current <25mA Coil temperature rise 60K
Rated frequency 50/60Hz Insulation class E
Speed 2.5/3, 5/6, 10, 15, 33/40rpm insulated electricity power 1800V/1s
Starting voltage 10, 5, 3, 2, FC CW,CCW or free direction
Insulation resistance >100M

application scope: mainly used in wind guiding part, hand moving part of fan and all kinds of craftwork, lamps and lanterns and toys ,wind direction motor of air conditioner and turnplate motor of microwave oven

Working voltage & frequency , rotate speed, The output shaft and color & length of conducting wire can be produced according to clients request.

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